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A contribution to air pollution control

Process gas cleaning in the sinter plant

New, ultra modern process gas cleaning
Photo of the process gas cleaning in the sinter plant

A new, ultra modern process gas cleaning system has been in operation at the sinter plant since 2010. An investment of 22.5 mill. Euros guarantees a further improvement in air quality.

The sinter plant produces the sinter that is an important feedstock for pig iron production in the furnace. In this process, fine ores, coke breeze, other ore and energy carriers, including recycling materials from steel production, are mixed and stacked on to a circulating steel slab conveyor. This surface of this layer is ignited by means of an ignition hood. The resulting combustion load is then passed through the charge by means of air suction that is generated by an induced draught blower. The furnace heat causes the charge components that have not been incinerated to bake together, which is a process technically known as sintering. At the end of the conveyor, the so-called sintered cake is discharged, crushed, filtered, cooled and then delivered to the furnaces.

The new plant for cleaning the process gases of the sinter plant combines chemical and physical processes. This leads to a significant reduction in the emission of dust and other pollutants at the stack of the sintering plant. Compliance with the current Technical Directive Air that defines the limits for exhaust gases and the current technical state-of-the-art is assured at all times.

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