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A contribution to water protection

Wastewater-free continuous pickling line

Continuous pickling line
Photo of a continuous pickling line

In 2007, Salzgitter Flachstahl set up a new continuous pickling line on a hydrochloric acid basis. In addition to the planned increase in pickling quality and capacity, the use of state-of-the-art environmental technology also meets particularly high environmental requirements.

Many different elements testify to the high environmental standard in the continuous pickling line:

The continuous pickling line is completely wastewater-free since all process water is treated in the regeneration of acid. The waste pickle is treated as part of the circulation process. The rinsing water is recycled and reintroduced to the process.
Acid fumes that occur during the pickling process are sucked off with a scrubber. For this purpose, the covers of the pickling tank have sealed conduits and special rinsing devices.

Trial run of the continuous pickling line using water
Photo of the trial run of the continuous pickling line using water

The figure on the left shows the first trial run of the new continuous pickling line using water. 226 motors and 11,500 measurement and control signals had to be tuned during the manufacturing and assembly phase. The first acid trial was followed by a trial run and break-in run for further plant optimization.

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