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Colaminates are coating systems comprising one or two layers of paint and one layer with a film. This paint-film combination allows a range of characteristics that would be inconceivable with only paint or only film coatings.

Colaminate with PET film


It is a coating system of primer, basecoat and PET Film with a total coat thickness up to 55µm. Colaminate with PET film allow a decorative coating in plain color or with the visual appearance of stainless steel.

Customer Advantages

  • High surface hardness and scratch resistance
  • Very good forming characteristics
  • Good resistance to chemicals

Colaminate with PE film


Colaminate with polyethylene film allow a transparent or colored coating with a total thickness of circa 130 µm. Colaminate with PE film are used for surfaces, which might get hot for protection against burning.

Customer Advantages

  • Good forming characteristics
  • Very good adhesion under thermic exposure

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