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75 years of partnership between Salzgitter and Fels


Salzgitter Flachstahl (SZFG) and Fels-Werke GmbH have now had occasion for a thoroughly memorable celebration. The company Fels-Werke has been delivering lime for steel...

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OHSAS 18001 certification for Salzgitter Flachstahl


In order to standardize the processes and procedures related to occupational health and safety, the company has chosen to introduce an occupational health and safety...

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ESTA – the continuous entry loop accumulator on the tandem line


The most important goals of one of the largest ongoing investment projects at Salzgitter Flachstahl are improving delivery capability and delivery reliability, while...

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Salzgitter presents "Automotive PerFORMance"


The Salzgitter Group is presenting itself on the occasion of its "Automotive PerFORMance" exhibition at automotive customers Volkswagen and BMW. The primary aim is to...

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Blechexpo Stuttgart highlights


The Salzgitter Group, along its subsidiaries Stahl-Metall-Service (SMS), Hövelmann & Lueg (HLG), Salzgitter Mannesmann Stahlhandel (SMSD) and Salzgitter Flachstahl GmbH...

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Roof drainage systems made of Folastal ®


In the German construction sector, strip-coated material is primarily used for commercial buildings. Our European neighbors demonstrate that the material can also serve a...

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Salzgitter group at Blechexpo – "Combining the Best"


Under the motto "Combining the Best" the Salzgitter Group's three subsidiaries SMS, HLG and SZFG are moving closer together and cooperating in order to strengthen sales of...

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Salzgitter Flachstahl recommends winter packaging


Salzgitter Flachstahl advises customers to order winter packaging material in preparation for the “cold season” from October to March. This applies especially to the...

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Hot-rolled strip for the cold-rolling industry with BILSTEIN GmbH & Co. KG as an example


In order to satisfy the end customers' quality demands today, all steps throughout the entire process chain of production must be coordinated with one another– just like the...

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Determination of material characteristics at the highest level - New ZWICK BUP600 universal strip and sheet metal testing machine starts operation


Determination of material characteristics at the highest level - New ZWICK BUP600 universal strip and sheet metal testing machine starts operation

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Investments for cold-rolled sheet


Cold-rolled sheet from Salzgitter is known for its high quality. This quality as well as Salzgitter's delivery capacity will be increased even further by the current...

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HC180B and HC220B electrolytically zinc-coated, batch-annealed, bake hardening steel


Bake hardening steels are used in the automotive industry for body parts, particularly for body shell parts. The manufacturing process is systematically employed in the...

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