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FolaSal® for interior


Photo of a lamp


For lighting FolaSal® is used with plane, high gloss-finished surface. The both sided coated sheet meets the highest demands of freedom of defects.

Customer advantages

  • a high coefficient of reflection
  • excellent forming properties
  • scratch proof
  • good heat and UV resistance

Furniture and rack systems

Photo of a shelf


FolaSal® meets the highest demands of accuracy of the surface. It is used for drawers of kitchen units, racks and component parts.

Customer advantages

  • excellent forming properties
  • resistance to moisture and common household cleaning agents
  • stain resistance
  • safe for use with food

Brown goods

Photo of a computer


Metallic paints in plain or textured finish are available for brown goods.

Customer advantages

  • Dekorative and hard-wearing surface
  • Conductible rear panel
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