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Bainitic grade SZBS600

General Information

The thermo-mechanically rolled, micro-alloyed steel grade SZBS600 features a high tensile strength of 590 MPa with sufficient elongation for forming applications, such as rectangular tubes and profiles. Due to its chemical composition, it offers good weldability. This steel grade is not standardized and it is classified in strength class D.

Grade Tensile strength class
SZBS600 HR440Y580T-FB D

Chemical composition in percent by weight [%] (Heat analysis)

Grade Plate thickness C Si Mn P S Al
[mm] max. max. max. max. max. min.
SZBS600 2,00 - 6,00 0.10 0.40 1.60 0.015 0.010 0.020

Mechanical properties tensile test1)

Grade 2.00 - 2.99 mm 3.00 - 6.00 mm
 direction of testing Rp0,2 [MPa] Rm [MPa] A80 [%] Rp0,2 [MPa] Rm [MPa] A5 [%]
transverse min. 470 590 16 470 590 18
max. 590 710 - 590 710 -


Thickness [mm] Width [mm]
2,00 - 2,99 1,300
3,00 - 3,99 1,450
4,00 - 6,00 1,500

Application examples

Thanks to the combination of high yield strength and high fracture elongation, the SZBS600 is appropriate to chassis parts with complex geometry, for example transverse links.


unpickled unpickled pickled pickled
mill edge sheared mill edge sheared
unoiled or oiled unoiled or oiled
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