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Thermomechanically rolled steel


Photo of an acacia

AcaSal®700+Z and AcalSal®700 StronSal® is a high strength steel based on grade S700MC thermomechanically hot-rolled strip, which is hot-dipped zinc-coated. It features a very high yield strength and tensile strength with sufficiently high expansion for cold forming processes.

The new brand from Salzgitter Flachstahl is named after the acacia, whose wood displays enormous resistance. The wood is furthermore not only hard and robust, it is also very elastic and very suitable for processing. AcaSal®, the new steel from Salzgitter Flachstahl, also offers these characteristics.

Mechanical properties

Steel grade Yield strength Rp0,2 (longitudinal) Tensile strength Rm (longitudinal) Total elongation A80 (longitudinal)
MPa MPa %
AcaSal®700+Z ≥ 700 750 - 950 ≥ 10

Special notes

The steel is available with a conventional Z100 to Z275 zinc coating or with a StronSal® coating of ZM70 to ZM200. StronSal® consists of zinc and small fractions of magnesium (1 to 2%) and aluminium (1 to 2%) and offers extraordinary corrosion protection with coating layers of constant properties and considerably reduced thickness by comparison with standard hot-dip galvanized layers (Z).

Customer's benefit

AcaSal®700 with zinc coating or StronSal® coating is very well weldable.

Typical applications to utilize the high strength potential combined with weight savings in the component are vehicle construction:

  • longitudinal beams and cross-members in trucks and trailers
  • safety parts in cars (crash tubes)
  • rail car construction

Processing instructions and use

Photo of a crash tube

This steel grade is used for cold-formed components in a very wide range of designs. It is used in particular to manufacture:

  • Longitudinal beams
  • Frame structures
  • Cold-pressed parts
  • Cold-rolled sections
  • Structural pipes

Users of this steel grade must ensure that their calculation, design and processing methods are appropriate for the material. The forming process used must be suitable for the intended application and must comply with the state-of-the-art; it is of fundamental importance to the processing behavior of this steel grade.

Typical applications to utilize the high strength potential combined with weight savings in the component are vehicle construction, longitudinal beams and cross-members in trucks and trailers, safety parts in cars, and rail car construction.


The AcaSal®700 microstructure typically consists of bainite. Occasionally, there can be minimum content of other phases (e.g., martensite, ferrite.)

Laser joint microstructure: Completely welded through
Photo of laser joint microstructure
Microstructure after hot-dip zinc coating: Bainite with slight martensite content
Photo of microstructure after hot-dip zinc coating

Delivery form

Delivery is based on the provisions of DIN EN 10149-2 in combination with the DIN EN 10051 dimensioning standard (hot-rolled strip basis) or on special delivery terms. The test unit comprises at least 20 tons, or 20 tons of each new batch, of products of the same steel grade and nominal thickness. The test unit for strip material is the coil.

In general, 50% of Table 46 from DIN EN 10051 is confirmed. Narrower thickness tolerances are possible upon request.

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