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StronSal® MC guarantees the highest body shell quality, with an outstanding paint appearance for the most demanding requirements in the automotive industry. The innovative zinc-magnesium coating that delivers as a minimum the same corrosion protection as conventional zinc coatings and persuades with excellent processing characteristics in the pressing plant.


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Function enhancement

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Weight reduction

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Customer benefits:

Powerful corrosion protection in body shell quality:

  • improved corrosion protection compared to conventional zinc coatings
  • highest body shell quality for outstanding paint appearance


Cost reduction in component manufacturing:

  • significant reduced friction coefficients
  • tribological properties simplify the implementation of complex component geometries
  • increase the process stability
  • reducing set-up times


Corrosion protection that conserves resources:

  • Weight reduction through up to 50 % lower zinc layer thickness


Steel grade Thickness [mm]1 Width [mm]1 Zinc layer thickness1
Mild steel grades for cold forming 0,40 - 2,50 900 - 1610 ZM70, ZM100, ZM140
Bake-hardening steels with higher yield strength for cold forming 0,40 - 2,50 900 - 1610 ZM70, ZM100, ZM140
Multiphase steels 0,40 - 2,50 900 - 1610 ZM70, ZM100, ZM140


Car body:

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