Environmental protection is indispensable for a sustainable future

Salzgitter Flachstahl accords especially high priority to environmental protection, as protecting the environment and conserving natural resources are an integral part of the company strategy.

Our company policy is detailed in the Integrated Management System Manual:

“In the development, production and sale of our products, as well as in our service offerings, we

  • minimize safety and injury risks,
  • avoid damage and detriments to health,
  • take forward-looking preventive measures to avert danger and risks,
  • make responsible use of materials involving environmental and health hazards,
  • reduce environmental burdens, such as emissions, to the lowest possible levels,
  • optimize our recycling rates,
  • make prudent use of resources in terms of their ecological and economic aspects and
  • optimize our energy use and consumption.“

Systematic environmental protection

In order to minimize the impact on the environment, we have been working with a certified environmental management system since 2004; this is part of our integrated management system comprising the elements quality, occupational health and safety and energy management as well as security management. Our environmental management system complies with the international requirements of ISO 14001.

The environmental management certificate and other information about environmental and sustainability issues are available to download from this site.

Environmental guideline of Salzgitter AG

As a subsidiary of Salzgitter AG, our environmental policy is based on the environmental guideline of Salzgitter AG.

Environmental management certificate DIN EN ISO 14001

All processes at Salzgitter Flachstahl have been certified in compliance with ISO 14001, the worldwide standard for efficient environmental management systems.