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Ground Plan

For a detailed illustration of our premises, please refer to the following pdf-file.

To avoid accidents we ask you to follow the advices below:

  • Please enter the workshops only with a helmet and protective glasses. You can get a visitor helmet at the trucks dispatch centre (A).
  • Traffic regulations are valid on the hole factory premises. Therefore the train has always the right of way. The speed limit is 50 km/h.
  • To take photos, make films or pictures is not allowed on the factory premises.
  • Please visit only plants and buildings, which are necessary for the purpose of your stay on the factory premises.

Destination for heavy goods vehicle traffic and truck loading point

Route map for truck delivery
A: Trucks dispatch centre, direct line: 53 82 I: Electrics repair shop
B: Cold strip mill / Sheet metal J: Stock management
B1: Sulfate hall K: Steelmaking plant / Continuous casting lines
C: Sulfate hall L: Basic slag grinding plant
D: Heavy plates preparation mill M: Main repair shop
E: Coil coating line P: Pig casting line
E1: Coil coating  line 2 Q: DEUMU / shredder plant
F: Shipping bay - hot dip galvanized material R: Slag recycling Friedrich
G: Oxygen plant Linde AG S: Asphalt mixing plant ISV
H: Shipping bay - electrogalvanized material First-aid point, direct line: 21 30
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