Ground Plan

For a detailed illustration of our premises, please refer to the following pdf-file.

To avoid accidents we ask you to follow the advices below:

  • Please enter the workshops only with a helmet and protective glasses. You can get a visitor helmet at the trucks dispatch centre (A).
  • Traffic regulations are valid on the hole factory premises. Therefore the train has always the right of way. The speed limit is 50 km/h.
  • To take photos, make films or pictures is not allowed on the factory premises.
  • Please visit only plants and buildings, which are necessary for the purpose of your stay on the factory premises.

Destination for heavy goods vehicle traffic and truck loading point

A: Trucks dispatch centre, direct line: 53 82 I: Electrics repair shop
B: Cold strip mill / Sheet metal J: Stock management
B1: Sulfate hall K: Steelmaking plant / Continuous casting lines
C: Sulfate hall L: Basic slag grinding plant
D: Heavy plates preparation mill M: Main repair shop
E: Coil coating line P: Pig casting line
E1: Coil coating  line 2 Q: DEUMU / shredder plant
F: Shipping bay - hot dip galvanized material R: Slag recycling Friedrich
G: Oxygen plant Linde AG S: Asphalt mixing plant ISV
H: Shipping bay - electrogalvanized material First-aid point, direct line: 21 30