Environmental and energy guidelines of the Salzgitter AG

  • The protection of the environment, the conserving of natural resources and the economical use of energy are important corporate goals of Salzgitter AG. The compliance with applicable laws and requirements is a matter of course for us. Our understanding of responsible environmental protection and conservation of resources does not end in compliance with legal regulations but is a part of our entrepreneurial behavior.
  • We encourage the environmental and energy competence of our staff by providing regular training and information because we all are actively in-volved in the effort and make an active contribution toward achieving our objectives respective.
  • Plants and production processes are constantly checked and continuously improved. By this, we constantly want to advance the minimization of emissions, the use of raw materials and energy, the recycling or environmen-tally sound disposal of unavoidable waste, the production-integrated environmental protection as well as the use of ecologically harmless raw, auxiliary and operating materials.
  • We seek an open dialogue with stakeholders, such as neighbors, business partners and employees. In this way, the opportunities offered by new processes and products can be reviewed and assessed in advance.
  • By providing comprehensive information and advice we contribute to the products of the Salzgitter AG being used and applied in an environmentally friendly way.
  • The Salzgitter AG advocates internationally uniform environmental standards, because responsibility for envi-ronmental and climate protection should not end at national borders.
  • The decentralized organisational structure of our Group is also reflected in the responsibilities when processing environmental protection and energy issues. To ensure a uniform and measurable performance across the Group which is in accordance with these guidelines, we are endeavoring - while retaining the aspects relevance and adequacy - the introduction and certification of environmental and energy management systems.