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Environmental guideline of Salzgitter AG

  • The protection of the environment and preservation of natural resources are an important corporate objective of Salzgitter AG. We take compliance with valid laws and requirements as a matter of course. Our understanding of responsible environmental protection does not end in compliance with legal regulations.
  • We encourage the environmental competence of our employees through regular training and information because we all bear individual and active responsibility in achieving our environmental objectives.
  • Systems and production processes are constantly checked and improved on a continuous basis. Our objectives here are
    - to minimize emissions, the use of raw materials and energy;
    - to recycle unavoidable refuse or remove it in an environmentally friendly way;
    - to integrate environmental protection in production instead of end-of-pipe technologies; and
    - to use ecologically harmless raw, auxiliary and operating materials.
  • We seek an open dialogue with residents, business partners and employees. In this way, the opportunities offered by new processes and products can be reviewed and assessed in advance.
  • By providing comprehensive information and advice, we contribute to the fact that Salzgitter AG products can be utilized and applied in an environmentally friendly way.
  • Salzgitter AG stands up for uniform environmental standards at international level and uniform performance because responsibility for the environment should not end at national borders.
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