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Air pollution control

Photo of a measuring device for air pollution control

Air pollution control is one of the central topics of environmental protection. Sophisticated dust extraction plants and exhaust gas purification systems are key technical measures to help control air pollution.

In addition, automatic measuring equipment checks all principal emission sources. The data is forwarded automatically to the trade supervisory authority in Braunschweig. An in-house accredited emissions control laboratory with state-of-the-art environmental analysis technology provides the flexibility for on-site measurements and analyses.

Between 2001 and today, total dust emissions at Salzgitter Flachstahl were reduced by about 79 percent.

Did you know?

To prevent air pollution, approx. 5,300,000 m3 of process gas and exhaust air are collected and cleaned every hour at Salzgitter Flachstahl to ensure compliance with statutory emission limits.

A contribution to air pollution control

The sinter plant’s new, ultra modern process gas cleaning system improves air quality. » read on

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