Pretex® stands for PREcision TEXturing, the innovative surface structure for coldrolled and galvanised steel sheets, newly developed by Salzgitter Flachstahl. Pretex® is a registered trade mark and is protected internationally. The surface morphology of the sheet is a major quality feature of the product and significantly influences forming behaviour, adhesion and optical characteristics of the car body painting.

With Pretex® focar®, a development of our Pretex® surface, we have significantly reduced the undulation values while keeping the same roughness and high peak count.


Function enhancement


Customer benefits:

  • Uniform, defined roughness values
  • Exact reproducibility of the roughness values through use of state-of-the-art electronic process control

  • Improved forming characteristics

  • Excellent paintability even for vertical application resulting from extremely high peak counts and the stochastic distribution of the roughness structure

  • Avoids orange peel and rough surface samples due to the Moiré-effect


Electrogalvanized Hot-dipped galvanized
Properties ZE; ZE + P (EG; EG + P) Z (GI)
Steel grades VDA-Norm CR4 - CR5 …..(all IF), CR180BH, CR210BH CR3 - CR5….. (all IF), CR180BH
Zinc layer thickness ZE 50/50 – ZE 75/75 Z100 – Z140
Surface finish B/BP (O) MC (O)
Mean rough index (Ra according to DIN EN 10049) µm 0,9 – 1,4 0,9 – 1,4
Peak counts (RPc according to DIN EN 10049) cm-1 > 75 > 75
Wsa 1-5 – Delivery condition µm ≤ 0,34 ≤ 0,29
Wsa 1-5 – Formed in Marciniak-tool1 µm ≤ 0,35 ≤ 0,35
Wa 0,8 – Formed in Marciniak-tool1 µm ≤ 0,5 ≤ 0,5


  • Car body: Inner and outer body parts with high requirements according to paintability and forming properties