Superior quality – including surfaces

In the flat rolled steel area the Salzgitter Flachstahl product portfolio offers a wide range of high-grade steel materials. The steel products are characterized by extremely tight tolerances with regard to their mechanical parameters and physical dimensions.

They feature excellent cold forming capabilities, high-quality surfaces, good weldability and strip levelness, and are ideal for further surface coating processes. Thanks to the high investment volume committed to innovative plant technologies (hot-dip galvanization / strip coating), the company is extremely well positioned to provide its clients with top quality cold-rolled steel products – now and in future.

User-oriented product developments

A considerable number of Salzgitter Flachstahl products have been optimized to meet specific application requirements. The product range offered includes a multitude of ultra high strength steel grades featuring excellent processing properties for use in automotive engineering. The higher strength properties have enabled the production of components with reduced thickness that fully comply with the respective crash behavior requirements. This represents a vital contribution towards lightweight design and construction in the automotive industry. Innovative developments in the field of finish and surface technologies, such as the Pretex® process, formed the basis for improving material properties with regard to forming and painting processes. Salzgitter produces a range of sheets with strip coating (FolaSal®) with full application of coating systems for the building and construction industry, as well as for the household appliances and home entertainment equipment sectors. The coating system applications are specifically tailored to meet the requirements of subsequent forming processes at the customers' locations.

Salzgitter Flachstahl offers in addition to conventional galvanising a zinc magnesium coating called StronSal® with ultimate corrosion protection properties. StronSal® is also available as substrate material for organic surface coated products FolaSal®.

Our variety of products

Hot-rolled products

Foto eines Warmbandes in der Anlage

StronSal® coated products

Foto von gelagerten Stahlcoils

Cold-rolled products

Bildausschnitt eines Stahlcoils

Electro-zinc coated steel products

Bildausschnitt eines Stahlcoils

Hot-dipped galvanized steel products

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FolaSal® coated products

Foto eines Würfels mit verschiedenen FolaSal®-Beschichtungen