The highlight brands - Programmed for growth

The highlight brands of Salzgitter Flachstahl

Here we provide an introduction to the highlight brands on the basis of the new naming concept. The first component of the name expresses the main characteristic of the steel. It is derived from the Latin name for the chosen tree. In some cases, the interests of spelling or pronunciation require the original Latin names to be adapted for the new combines brand name by omitting or altering letters.


The name TektoSal®400 replaces ASH400 –  a steel with extremely high surface hardness and wear resistance (HBW400). The choice of the name relates to the properties of tropical teakwood, in Latin "tectona grandis". As the Sound of the Name already suggests, the teak tree supplies particularly robust and durable wood.


AndroSal® replaces the appellation QStE 690 TM. This is a thermomechanically rolled steel grade whose material properties are distinguished by high strength. "Andro" is derived from the Latin "handroanthus impetiginosus" for the South American lapacho tree, which has one of the hardest woods of all.


RobuSal®800 replaces the brand name LH®800, a steel distinguished by extreme stability and fatigue strength. Here, we make use of the name of the black locust tree, in Latin "robinia pseudoacacia". The black locust provides extremely hard and tough wood which is extremely durable and which expresses the material characteristics of this steel.


The AcaSal®700 steel grade is a high strength steel based on thermomechanically rolled strip. It features a very high yield strength and tensile strength, with sufficiently high expansion for cold forming processes. The new brand from Salzgitter Flachstahl is named after the acacia, whose wood displays enormous resistance. The wood is furthermore not only hard and robust, it is also very elastic and very suitable for processing. AcaSal®, the new steel from Salzgitter Flachstahl, also offers these characteristics.


Our highlight brands obtain an additional member with StronSal® – a zinc-magnesium hot-dip coating which was previously known to the market as Stroncoat®. Here too, the new name is similar to the previous one. "Stron" comes from "strong" in English, which expresses its powerful coating and excellent corrosion resistance properties. The increased abrasion resistance in forming processes represents a further plus point for StronSal®.


This name is used to bring Folastal® into Salzgitter Flachstahl's highlight brands - the fixed company identifier "Sal" replaces the final syllable "stal". Only a small alteration, which naturally leaves the important part unchanged. Like Folastal®, FolaSal® stands for excellent surface coating characteristics.


xpand® - a product attribute of this steel, which is distinguished by an increased capability for forming. The term xpand® is based on the Latin word expandere (= extend, expand) and stands for a guaranteed, increased capacity for hole expansion in the steel and reduced susceptibility to edge cracks.

Pretex® focar®

Pretex® stands for PREcision TEXturing, the innovative surface structure for coldrolled and galvanised steel sheets, newly developed by Salzgitter Flachstahl. Pretex® is a registered trade mark and is protected internationally. The surface morphology of the sheet is a major quality feature of the product and significantly influences forming behaviour, adhesion and optical characteristics of the car body painting.

With Pretex® focar®, a development of our Pretex® surface, we have significantly reduced the undulation values while keeping the same roughness and high peak count.