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Unless stated otherwise in the following, Salzgitter Flachstahl shall guarantee all limit dimensions and shape tolerances according to EN 10051. Closer tolerances available on request.

Thickness tolerance

Without any extra charges, we warrant for all tensile strength classes 50% of the thickness tolerances listed in DIN EN 10051. Closer tolerances are subject to extra charges and possible up to 20% of DIN EN 10051, whereas the lowest possible tolerance limit is +/- 0.06 mm. From a thickness of 6 mm closer tolerances must be agreed separately.

Tensile strength class Additional tolerance factor
A 0
B 15
C 30
D 40

Displaced thickness tolerances are possible, the resulting rolling thickness, however, must be within the range of the delivery program. Closer tolerances available on request.

Width tolerance

Hot-rolled material unpickled, with natural edge
Width ≤ 1,850 mm -0/+20 mm
Width 1,850 bis 2,000 mm -0/+25 mm

Hot-rolled material pickled and trimmed
Width ≤ 1,885 mm -0/+3 mm (KBE)
Width ≤ 1,200 mm -0/+3 mm (SBE)
Width > 1,200 - 1,500 mm -0/+5 mm (SBE)

Steel strip in thicknesses ≤ 4,00 mm:
-0/+1 mm

Steel strip in thicknesses > 4,00 mm to ≤ 8,00 mm:
-0/+2 mm

Steel strip in thicknesses > 8,00 mm:
-0/+3 mm

All other executions: tolerance according to EN 10051.

The possible width tolerances for unpickled, trimmed hot-rolled strip correspond to those of strip steel.

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