FolaSal® coated products

FolaSal® is the brand name for organic coated steel sheet from Salzgitter Flachstahl.  Sheets like these are in demand in all areas that call for aesthetics in addition to long-term corrosion resistance. After all, good looks are just as important in garage doors as they are in steel furniture, household appliances and wall cladding, to name just a few examples.

Organic coated sheets are very important materials that have already established themselves in many sectors such as architecture, air conditioning and refrigeration technology and the household appliance industry. FolaSal® allows you to open up a whole world of possibilities for your company. You profit from first-class brand-name quality, a wide range of application options and excellent service.

Cold-rolled or zinc-coated sheet is coated with various paints or films, depending on the requirements for corrosion protection, formability, temperature resistance, color options, gloss and surface hardness. You can directly process this composite material and form it into the products you want - without any further painting whatsoever.
If desired, a guarantee of up to 30 years can be agreed with us. Please contact us for details.