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Foto von des AndroSal®690 Flyers


Der AndroSal®690 kombiniert hervorragende Verarbeitungseigenschaften mit einem besonders anspruchsvollen Abmessungsbereich (max. 16 Millimeter Dicke in Breiten bis zu 2.000 Millimeter).



Photo of the StronSal® brochure

StronSal® Brochure

StronSal® the zinc-magnesium coating of Salzgitter Flachstahl. It achieves a superior corrosion protection to that of conventional zinc coatings with equivalent processing characteristics.


Photo of the multiphase steels brochure

Multiphase steels

Multiphase steels feature coordinated proportions of microstructure components with various hardness levels. Using sophisticated process control, Salzgitter Flachstahl can precisely tune the microstructure and consequently the mechanical characteristics of its various multiphase steels. As a result, Salzgitter Flachstahl can offer you the optimal material for practically any use.


Photo of the brand magazine

Names sharpen the image

Salzgitter Flachstahl developed a naming concept for selected highlight brands, which follows a clear structure. Our brochure introduces this naming architecture and some highlight brands.


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[Translate to Englisch:] PRETEX® steht für PREcision TEXturing, die innovative, von der Salzgitter AG entwickelte Oberflächenstruktur für unbeschichtetes und oberflächenveredeltes Feinblech.

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Photo of the Product Magazine Sal-Z - Hot-rolled strip

Product Magazine Sal-Z - Hot-rolled strip

Every sector places its own requirements on our material. The cold-rolling industry calls for hot-rolled strip that meets the highest demands with regard to purity level, thickness tolerances and degrees of evenness in specially coordinated case-hardened steels and quenched and tempered steels.


Photo of the Product Magazine Sal-Z - xpand®

Product Magazine Sal-Z - xpand®

Developments in automotive engineering are necessitating the manufacture of increasingly complex component geometries. Salzgitter Flachstahl has continued to develop its multi-phase
steels for such critical forming steps. We’d like to introduce you to the characteristics of these steel grades as well as the solutions they make possible.


Phto of the Product Magazine Sal-Z - Electrolytically galvanized steel grades

Product Magazine Sal-Z - Electrolytically galvanized steel grades

Steel is a working horse. The main theme of the seventh edition of Salzgitter Flachstahl's product magazine is what can be done with electrolytically galvanized steel and the electrolytic galvanizing line of Salzgitter Flachstahl.


Deckblatt des Kundenmagazins 5P der Salzgitter Flachstahl zum Thema Services

[Translate to Englisch:] Produktmagazin 5P - Services

[Translate to Englisch:] Stahl und Service hängt im Salzgitter Konzern untrennbar miteinander zusammen. Die enge Zusammenarbeit mit weiteren Konzernschwestern und der Nutzen daraus für unsere Kunden sind das Kernthema der sechsten Ausgabe des Produktmagazins der Salzgitter Flachstahl.


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