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Surface finishes

All steel grades are available with surface finishes A and B (EN 10130) and 03 and 05 (DIN 1623) respectively, with the following reservations:

  • The mild and the isotropic steel grades can only be supplied by agreement with surface finish B and 05 respectively in widths > 1.700 mm.
  • Structural steel and micro-alloyed steel grades with higher yield points can only be supplied with surface finish A and 03 respectively.

Zinc coatings

Designation Nominal layer thickness in μm per side Nominal weight per surface unit in g/m2 per side
Identical coating each side
ZE25/25 2.5/2.5 18/18
ZE50/50 5/5 36/36
ZE75/75 7.5/7.5 54/54
ZE100/100 10/10 72/72
Coating one side
ZE25/0 2.5/0 18/0
ZE50/0 5/0 36/0
ZE75/0 7.5/0 54/0
ZE100/0 10/0 72/0
Differential coating
ZE50/25 5/2.5 36/18
ZE75/25 7.5/2.5 54/18
ZE75/50 7.5/5 54/36
ZE100/75 10/7.5 72/54

Surface finish

The following sorts of lubricant are available:

  • Prelub oil – drain resistant lubricant 
  • Corrosion protection lubricant 
  • Hotmelt – dry film lubricant
Surface treatment Code
Phosphated P
Phosphated and passivated PC*
Phosphated, passivated and oiled PC*O
Phosphated and oiled PO
Oiled O
No finish treatment U

Standard is a passivation free from chromium, wich is only available in combination with a phosphatization. A passivation without phosphatization is not possible.
A chemical passivation is only technical feasible on material which is electro-zinc coated on both sides.

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