Salzgitter Mannesmann Forschung

We make steel fit for the future

To the benefit of our customers we work together continuously with Salzgitter Mannesmann Forschung on the development of materials and surfaces as well as the processes for production and processing. 

Our new products ensure the future sales of our customers.

At the two locations, Salzgitter and Duisburg, around 280 highly qualified experts work with an extensive range of technical facilities in the overall accredited state-of-art testing laboratories.  

At the Salzgitter site, the company activities mainly involve developing and optimizing new steels and coatings in the hot and cold rolled materials product segment. This includes the entire process chain of manufacturing, coating and processing steel. In order to be able to offer not just steel products, but comprehensive solutions as well, the company actively involves its customers in the complex finishing process – all the way to the completed component engineering stage.  

In Duisburg, the activities focus mainly on tubes and pipes, sections and heavy plate segments. With regard to the first product group, the company’s competences range from welded and seamless precision tubes and line pipes to large-scale pipelines. Further areas of expertise include carrying out engineering analyses of material- and component mechanics with regard to further processing by the customer, conducting structural mechanics and forming tests, as well as designing and constructing non-destructive testing equipment.  

Collaborating on the content and formal aspects of relevant standards as well as the protection of intellectual property are also parts of SZMF services. 

Close networking with renowned universities, other research facilities and industrial partners will be achieved among others for national and international research projects.

Apart from the Salzgitter AG companies, the SZMF customers include numerous leading companies from many industrial sectors such as automotive industry, machine and plant engineering, power engineering and the construction industry.