08.05.2024 | Salzgitter Flachstahl GmbH

A new material for hot-rolled sheet is available to Salzgitter Flachstahl customers.
This new material AndroSal®700 is one of the cold-formable grades with maximum strength and high homogeneity with regard to residual stresses.
The name AndroSal® is derived from the Latin name "handroanthus impetiginosus" for the lapacho tree native to South America, whose wood is one of the hardest species of all - just like the steel.


AndroSal®700 is characterized by outstanding processing properties combined with a particularly demanding dimensional range.
AndroSal®700 is offered by Salzgitter Flachstahl as hot-rolled sheet. The thickness spectrum ranges from 6 to 12 mm with a width of 1,350 to 1,500 mm. It is available as unpickled sheet up to a thickness of 12 mm and as pickled sheet up to a thickness of 8 mm.

Thanks to its unique chemical composition, AndroSal®700 is easy to weld and can be galvanized in accordance with galvanizing category B. It has very good bending properties in both the longitudinal and transverse directions.
Depending on the intended use, AndroSal®700 can also be ordered with different notch impact energy properties depending on the test temperature.
AndroSal®700 can of course be ordered with the optional product feature seca®Xtra. This property is characterized by minimal flatness deviations on the cut component.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our technical customer service.