SZBS800+ZE: Hot-rolled high-strength bainitic steel in electrolytically galvanized design in series production

23.06.2022 | Article of Salzgitter Flachstahl GmbH

The high-tech bainitic hot-rolled steel is a complex-phase steel which is now also used in chassis applications in electrolytically galvanized finishes on one or both sides.

The hot-rolled grades SZBS800 and SZBS600 are popular with customers due to their excellent forming properties. Chassis parts are often exposed to direct stone impact from the road surface, so a zinc coating can protect against corrosion. It is therefore of great interest to combine the material with corrosion protection without compromising process reliability. A zinc coating can be applied by hot-dip galvanizing (-GI) or electrolytic galvanizing (-EG). The electrolytic galvanizing process route does not involve an additional annealing process. This offers the advantage that the positive properties of the hot strip structure are preserved.

After testing prototype material with intensive test phases at the customer's site, the component has now been jointly developed to production maturity.

The material is now being used in the production of a premium vehicle. Forming into the spring-loaded control arm is taking place at a supplier in Germany.

The complex-phase steel SZBS800+ZE is particularly suitable for use in suspension components thanks to its technological properties, process-reliable forming and corrosion resistance.

Why is the material ideal for this type of component in particular?

  • Excellent cathodic corrosion protection due to the electrolytic zinc coating
  • Increased hole expansion in the xpand® variant for particularly low edge crack sensitivity
  • Process-reliable production of very complex component geometries with high strength at the same time
  • Great potential for component integration
  • High fatigue strength, especially under dynamic stresses of the chassis components
  • Lightweight potential thanks to sheet thickness reduction and material-specific design
  • Very good weldability.
    The material offers the possibility of pore-free gas-shielded welding on the ungalvanized side, especially with single-sided galvanizing
  • Low zinc abrasion.
    Phosphating can reduce the abrasion of the zinc layer during forming.

More information on SZBS800+ZE can be found on our product page or in our material information sheet. The characteristic values correspond to the grade HR660Y760T-CP-EG according to the standard VDA 239-100.

For questions and further information, please do not hesitate to contact our technical customer service and sales department.