FolaSal® combines the strength and ductility of the substrate metals with the corrosion protection and decorative properties of the coatings. In profiling machines, the coated sheet can be further processed into trapezoidal or cassette profiles for roof and wall coverings.

Customer advantages

  • Profiling capability
  • Good resistance to weather and corrosion

    FolaSal® StronSal®

    FolaSal® is available with either hot-dip galvanized or StronSal® coated substrate material. StronSal®, the zinc-magnesium coating from Salzgitter Flachstahl, allows equivalent to better corrosion protection in coatings that are thinner than those in standard zinc coatings.
    Both FolaSal® and FolaSal® StronSal® have building authority approval as a KII or KIII system, respectively, pursuant to DIN 55929-8.
    Warranties with terms up to 15 years are available by concluding the appropriate contract.

    Customer Advantages

    • Good resistance to weather and corrosion with reduced thickness
    • Good profiling capability

      Special effect paints

      Special effect paints allow various surface structures (e.g., wrinkle paint) or special color effects (e.g., pearlescent look)

      Customer advantages

      • Special appearance, decorative aspect
      • Good resistance to weather and corrosion
      • Profiling capability

      Three-layer PVDF

      Comprising primer, base coat, and clear coat. This system's total thickness is 55 µm. It satisfies the requirements for corrosion resistance category RC4 pursuant to DIN EN 10169. This coating is used where some factor, for example, the corrosion risk due to the environment, the high UV exposure, or the end customer’s demanded protection period, calls for a higher quality coating. This coating is significantly superior to the otherwise customary 2-layer systems. Typical examples here are buildings on the coast, power plant structures, or objects in desert regions.  

      The system is available in solid and metallic colors. The 3-layer design allows implementation of a very wide range of visual effects that are not possible with the classic dual layer paintwork. For example, color change effects, where a change in the viewing angle leads to a complete color change, e.g., from red to green. In addition to the special visual effects, however, special functionalities are also possible. For example, the new coating system can even be offered with an anti-graffiti effect.

      Customer advantages

      • Excellent resistance to weather and corrosion
      • Very robust surface that stands up to wear
      • Very high chemical resistance
      • Temperature resistance

      Roofing film

      Roofing film is used for fixtures and joining pieces for roofs, e.g., for cover plates and eaves flashing. The film is 600 to 800 µm thick.

      Customer advantages

      • Extreme robustness
      • Very good resistance to weather and corrosion
      • Can be fused to PVC roof sheeting