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Dual-phase steels


Hot-rolled dual-phase steels are predominantly used in the manufacture of passenger car and commercial vehicle wheels (wheel discs). In order to reduce weight at the same time as increasing service life, maximum use is made of the typical properties of these materials, namely great forming and hardening potential at the same time as high strength and good weldability.

Salzgitter Flachstahl delivers steel grades DP550 and DP600 in accordance with the Stahl-Eisen-Werkstoffblatt’ (Iron and steel material sheet) 097-1.


Grade Material no. DE FK1)
SEW 097 Part 1 VDA239-100
DP550 - - D
DP600 1.0936 DD33X HR330Y580T-DP D

Chemical composition in percent by weight [%] (Heat analysis)

Grade C Si Mn P S N Al Cu + Cr1) + Ni
max. max. max. max. max. max.
DP550 0.1 0.15 1.40 0.07 0.008 0.009 0.020 - 0.060 1.00
DP600 0.1 0.15 1.40 0.07 0.008 0.009 0.020 - 0.060 1.00

Mechanical properties

Grade Yield point Rp0,2 Tensile strength [%] Min. total elongation [%] Nominal thickness Rollable width
MPa MPa LO = 5,65 √SO mm mm
DP550 300 - 400 530 - 620 24 3.00 - 6.00 900 - 1,500
DP600 330 - 470 580 - 670 24 3.00 - 6.00 900 - 1,500


Provided the general technical rules are observed, these steel grades are highly suitable for welding and can be welded both manually and using automatic equipment without pre-heating. In order to achieve the basic material’s general properties for welding seams, suitable welding additives must be used and the appropriate welding conditions selected. When determining the welding conditions, particular care should be taken to set an acceptable limit for the thermal input.

Condition of delivery, scope of testing and certificate

For delivery and testing, the provisions of SEW 097 apply. Other test units can be agreed.

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