Laser beam cutting grade Salzgitter 240


In addition to outstanding cold forming properties, special grade Salzgitter 240 is particularly suitable for laser and plasma cutting. The user of these steel grades must make sure that his calculation, design and processing methods are appropriate for the material. The forming process used must be suitable for the intended application and comply with the state of the art; it is of fundamental importance to the processing behaviour of these steel grades.

Product form

The steel is produced as hot strip, as well as sheet and heavy plate, in nominal thicknesses of 1,5 to 15 mm in widths in accordance with the Salzgitter Flachstahl delivery programme.

Melting form

Salzgitter 240 is melted as fine-grain steel according to the basic oxygen steel-making process.

Chemical composition in percent by weight [%] (Heat analysis)

Grade C Si Mn P S Altotal
max. max. max. max. max. min.
Salzgitter 240 0.12 0.03 0.90 0.025 0.012 0.015

Mechanical properties

Grade Upper yield strength ReH1) Tensile strength Rm1) Total elongation1) A5/A80 Bending test2)
[MPa] [MPa] [%] BD3)/mm%
Salzgitter 240 240 - 320 360 - 440 ≥ 30 / ≥ 24 0

Cold forming

These low-perlite steel grades offer excellent bending, flanging, cold-bordering and folding properties in both longitudinal and transverse direction.


Provided that the general technical rules are observed, these steel grades can be welded both manually and using automatic equipment by means of all electrical welding processes. No major hardness increases appear in the heat-affected zone. Pre-heating is not necessary under normal welding conditions and down to workpiece temperatures of +5 °C. Below +5 °C, pre-heating to 150 °C is recommended. The welding wires and electrodes approved in the respective strength category must be used as filler metals.

In addition to this, the general meaning of the detailed information provided in Stahl-Eisen-Werkstoffblatt’ (Iron and steel material sheet) 088 must be observed.

Thermal separation

This steel is highly suitable for all thermal separation methods. It was designed in particular for laser or plasma-beam cutting. If these procedures are applied correctly, it is possible to achieve practically burr-free material separation.


unpickled unpickled pickled pickled
mill edge sheared mill edge sheared
unoiled or oiled unoiled or oiled

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