Associations and initiatives

The German Steel Federation (WV Stahl) is the political-economic association of the steel industry in Germany and is based in Düsseldorf. It represents the sector’s political interests in contacts with politicians, business and the public for steel producers in Germany and associated foreign member companies. The German Steel Federation is a joint association of the German steel industry. Geared to the market and applications it provides independent information on processing and using steel as a material.

German Steel Federation (WV Stahl)

For more than 30 years the European Coil Coating Association promotes the blessing of pre-coated metal. 

European Coil Coating Association

The World Steel Association aims to establish steel as a major foundation of a sustainable world. For the world steel industry this means valuing the interdependence of environmental, social and economic aspects in all decision making, with the aim of improving life for everyone, now, and for generations to come.  

World Steel Association

Although the majority of the services offered by DIN are aimed at the German market, various services in connection with information and document procurement also address the needs of users outside Germany. Enquiries and orders for DIN Standards to be supplied abroad should be directed to the foreign sales section of Beuth Verlag. Enquiries about product certification in connection with exports to Germany and/or to other European Union member countries should be directed to DIN CERTCO.   

Deutsches Institut für Normung e.V.